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Carve through the air, above the crystal blue waters of the Florida Keys, in one the safest adventure sports. Hang Gliding is a dynamic experience that can be as peaceful or exhilarating as you desire. Glide peacefully through the air with a birds eye view, or carve the sky for a thrill that tops any roller coaster.

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Conch Air

First off is some ground school to explain the basics of the sport of hang gliding. next we will climb aboard our custom hang glider launch vessel where the adventure begins over the tropical waters. Prepare to leave the earth behind and enter the harness next to your USHPA certified instructor.

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As the launch boat accelerates and you are cleared for takeoff you will lift off and climb effortlessly into the air. During your ascent the panoramic view becomes breathtakingly unbelievable. High above the scenic background of islands and abundant marine life you will be released from tow and enter free flight.


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Biggest Airport of the world



Travel has become very comfortable, and you can go to any part of the world whenever you want and that too in a short span of time. Unlike the days of the past, traveling does not consume more time.  The invention of the airplane happened in the year, 1903 by the Wright brothers who took traveling to the next level. Till then all we had is motor bikes, automobiles and ships to go overseas. But now, with the invention of airplanes, people started to travel across all around the world and explore things.


There are lots of airports which were built to make landing and takeoff for the airplanes easier. Some of the biggest and busiest airports are:

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): Hartsfield Jackson Airport is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Airport is said to be one of the busiest Airport in the whole world. It has over 1 million aircraft operations, and in the year 2012, there were about 9 million passengers who had traveled in and out of the Atlanta Airport. The Atlanta airport has five runways; each of them ranges from 9000 feet to 12,390 feet.

Beijing Capital International Airport:

Beijing airport opened in the year 1958 is incredibly huge. There is entirely three terminal at the Beijing Capital International Airport. The highest building in the airport is the monitoring tower which is about 323ft and located in the southern part of terminal 3 of the Airport. The Food service is excellent at the Beijing Capital International Airport, and they have around 72 food stores. The unique thing about the Airport is that the prices in the airport for food are not sold at a higher price. The prices are the same in Central Beijing, and inside the airport, so we don’t need to worry about spending too much at the Airport.

Dubai International Airport:

The Airport is one of the busiest Airport in the world. It is said to have the most number of International passengers traveling to various destinations. The control tower is about 285 ft. The Dubai International Airport has three terminals. The first terminal has one Concourse which is named as Concourse D; the third terminal has three concourses which are name concourse A, B and C. The cargo terminal in the Airport is capable of holding up to three million tonnes of Cargo every year. The Dubai International Airport is also known for the flower export and import; the flower center has two phases, the first phase built in the year 2004 and the second phase is still under construction.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport:

The city of Chicago Department of Aviation operates the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. In the year 2014, Chicago O’Hare International Airport considered as the busiest Airport by the number of takeoff and landing. The Airport has about four terminals and about 182 gates. The Chicago O’Hare International Airport has metro trains to take you from one terminal to the other. Due to the ever increasing crowd, there are plans to enhance the space of the Airport.

Airport delay and security


In this world of fast happenings, we want everything to happen instantaneously. We want our food to be fast, our tea or coffee should be instant and our time is precious. With the invention of the airplanes by the Wright brothers in the year 1903, even our travel has become quite fast. Like the days in the past, we do not require to travel for days to get to another country. Moving over seas has also become very easy and efficient. We do not need to worry about the pirates of the seas attacking us. The Airport security is stringent, and each Airport tries to give you the best protection possible.

Airport security

But we all are humans, and the efficiency can never be 100% with us. We try to be perfect, but there are some places where we make mistakes and reduce the energy. These minor or major mistakes can also happen in the Airports.

There are various reasons why Airports get delayed, some of them are:

  • Climatic conditions.
  • Flight availability.
  • Calamity.
  • Terror Attacks.

Climatic Conditions:

Due to the weather conditions, many flights can get delayed. Airports located in the cooler regions where snow falls are common are affected severely. During Winter the slow gets accumulated on the runway making it hard for the Airplanes to take off and land. The cold climate and the frost can also make the track slippery. There must be clear skies for easy take off; then there are chances of the flights to get delayed.

Flight Availability:

Sporadic cases the flights might not be available due to some mechanical issues or something relating to that. Most of the cases flight will be available, but there are times when flights get delayed.


Due to disasters in the country flights can be delayed. If there is an earth quake in the country and the airport is affected due to that then, there will be severed delay in the flights. When calamities occur, the delay can even last up to days. Also during calamities, people travel back to their own country, and the airport gets very crowded.

Terror Attacks:

Attacks are one of the most feared actions while we go on a plane. We constantly worry about the security of our journey. There were terror attacks in the past which created a lot of confusion and anxiety in the minds of the people. People get frustrated and do not understand why such terrible things happen to innocent people around the world.

While traveling on a plane, you don’t have an option to do anything else; once the aircraft gets high jacked, your life is pretty much at stake. You must obey whatever the terrorist tells you to do.

The Airports do lots of security check ups to avoid such incidents but sometimes people out quick the security guards and capture the plane.  There are multiple security checks strictly followed in every airport, and most flights do not even allow food items.

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